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About Iwate Rice

Iwate Rice is growing under Iwate?fs clear air, pure water and suitable climate for Japonica rice.
This great environment makes Iwate Rice great sweet fragrant, shiny appearance and excellent texture.

The latest year's Japanese rice sensory analysis ranking
Iwate HITOMEBORE Rice gained the highest rank.

The Japan Grain Inspection Association announced the rice quality ranking for rice harvested in 2014.
The Hitomebore from Iwate Prefecture has been winning the award 20 times since 1994.

Times won since 1994
Japan Grain Inspection Association data
Japan Grain Inspection Association data (http://www.kokken.or.jp/index.html)

Hitomebore Akitakomachi Sasanishiki
Hitomebore Akitakomachi Sasanishiki


Study Program for Consumers

JA offers some study programs of food and agriculture, giving the opportunities of farm work experience for children in elementary schools (or farm fields), in cooperation with our groups of the youth, women and farmers.
We also accept consumers who want to experience farm work and become familiar with an agricultural producing process. Through the study program, they can deepen their understanding of the producing areas and agriculture.

Rice seed sowing Experience farm work Experience rice-transplanting with the machine
Study program in elementary school Rice reaping  

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